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The Blues Record show is produced and paid for by

us, out of our love for blues music and its culture.

The Harper Clause


Blues music is an American original that evokes a range of emotions like no other.  Born in the late 19th century cotton fields of the South, Blues is still evolving and inspiring around the World.

The Blues Record, hosted by Harper Johnson & Eddie Delta, aims to help keep the music alive and the history remembered. Playing old and new tracks from the many styles of Blues music and beyond.  Along the way we might just teach you a thing or two about the music that you're listening to. But don't worry, your only homework is to listen to more Blues. So join us in CELEBRATING THE BLUES with every new show of GREAT MUSIC, questionable banter, over priced drinks, and a distinct lack of "proper" broadcasting. We wouldn't have it any other way!

Released December 18, 2018

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Thanks for listening!  Kind Regards, Harper & Eddie

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